in 1910 converse functioned as a company that made basketball shoes. professional basketball player chuck taylor was unhappy with the shoes performance and marched to the converse office to rant about the issues they had with comfort. rather than taking offence converse decided to hire him as a brand ambassador and product consultant. it is with this partnership that the converse all star chuck taylor shoe was born. it wasn't until the 70's that they became popular with surfers as they were easy to wear to the beach and fast drying. as the skating scene grew in the 80's and 90's so did the link between skateboarders and converse. like many other brands converse also now hosts an extremely talented team of skaters that are able to align their visions with converse to create some really unique and personal designs.

founder: marquis converse

founded: 1908

team: alexis. sablone, milton martinez, brian delatorre, louie lopez, sage elsesser, sean pablo, erik herrera, bobby de keyser, raney beres, jake johnson, aaron herrington, dane barker, tommy guerrero, kevin rodrigues, mike anderson, zered bassett, sammy baca and kaue cossa

notable videos: purple and as you wish

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