dc shoes originally started out in the early 90’s under the name doors clothing until it was sold in 1993, which was when founders ken block (professional rally driver) and damon way (danny way’s brother) decided to change the name. the brands initial focus was on skate shoes but now also stretches as far as snowboarding, moto sports, surf and at one point even  bmx. 10 years later after gaining huge popularity throughout the late 90s and early 00’s the company was acquired by quicksilver in a transaction that cost $87 million. dc shoes always has and always will have a strong presence within the skateboarding world, with currently one of the strongest skateboard shoe teams in the world.

founder: ken block and damon way

founded: 1993

team: evan smith, wes kremer, josh kalis, youra huston, matt miller, danny way, brian wenning, thaynan costa, madars apse, tommy fynn, tristan funkhouser and john shanahan

notable videos: the DC video, streets weeper and f*** 2020

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