lakai footwear was founded by mike carroll and rick howard in 1999. this wasn’t the first time the pair had linked up to create a brand and wouldn’t be the last. amongst many other achievements, lakai are also responsible for one of the most iconic videos in skateboarding - fully flared.

founder: mike carroll and rick howard

founded: 1999

team: mike carroll, rick howard, vincent alvvarez, stevie perez, riley hawk, yonnie cruz, griffin gass, jimmy wilkins, simon bannerot, tyler pacheco, cody chapman, james capps and nico hiraga

past skaters: lucas puig, alex olson, eric koston, tony hawk, rick mccrank, danny brady, sebo walker, jesus fernandez, jon sciano, ronnie sandoval, nick jensen, raven tershy, daniel espinoza, raven tershy, jb gillet, marc johnson, brandon biebel, guy mariano, karsten kleppan, jeff lenoce, cairo foster, mike mo capaldi, anthony pappalardo, jj rosseau, scott johnston and danny garcia

notable videos: beware of the flare, fully flared and the flare

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