levi & strauss co.

levi strauss & co were founded in may of 1853 when when a german immigrant named levi strauss moved from a small market town named buttenheim, to san francisco where he would go on to open a west coach branch of his brothers dry goods business. a tailor by the name of jacob davis would frequently purchase denim cloth from the wholesale house and have it shipped over to reno nevada where his business was based. one day he wrote a letter to levi with the idea that they should use copper rivets to reinforce the main points of strain to create a stronger and more durable product. davis did not have the money required to purchase the patent himself so suggested that strauss and himself should go into business with each other. well over a century and a half levi’s are iconic and extremely popular.

founder: david stern and levi strauss

founded: 1853

team: dlamini dlamini, conor charleson, manny lopez, charlie munro, ale cesario, val bauer, edouard depaz, marca barbier, lilian fev, mika germond and quentin boillon

notable videos: no drama and interval

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