pig wheels

pig wheels have had a constant presence in the skate industry from the start way back in 1993 although over time the quality has improved. the brand originates from california and has embraced the hashtag #ridetheswine over the years. their products are manufactured by tum yeto, inc. who also create for foundation, toy machine, dekline, ruckus and habitat brands.

founder: tod swank

founded: 1993

team: leo romero, daniel lutheran, corey duffel, jeremy leabres, ed templeton, louie barletta, blake carpenter, nestor judkins, matt bennett, ryan spencer, clint walker, cole wilson, forest edwards, braxton powers, nick merino, joey ragali, pat burke, josh harmony, told swank, aidan campbell, eric clark, justin fyle, evan dineen, myles willard, shared grady, jay richards, adam arunski and billy marks

past skaters: jamie thomas, heath kirchart, steve berra, ronnie creager and brad staba

notable videos: all systems go and extra crispy

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