founders fausto vitello and eric swenson originally started the company as a way to promote their skateboard truck company independent. the way the magazine is put together it is perfectly crafted for skateboarders. that was in part down to the ex editor in chief jake phelps who had very much seen and done it all. sadly phelps passed away in 2019 and has played a huge role in the magazines identity from very early on. since 1990 thrasher has annually awarded their top pick with the title skater of the year.

founder: fausto vitello and eric swenson


founded: 1981

skater of the year winners: tony hawk 90, danny way 91, john cardiel 92, salman agah 93, mike carroll 94, chris senn 95, eric koston 96, bob burnquist 97, andrew reynolds 98, brian anderson 99, geoff rowley 00, arto saari 01, tony trujillo 02, mark appleyard 03, danny way 04, chris cole 05, daewon song 06, marc johnson 07, silas baxter-neal 08, chris cole 09, leo romero 10, grant taylor 11, david gonzalez 12, ishod wair 13, wes kremer 14, anthony van engelen 15, kyle walker 16, jamie foy 17, tyshawn jones 18 and milton martinez 19

notable videos: king of the road 2003 - 2019 and thrash and burn

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