adidas skateboarding tx tee
adidas skateboarding tx tee

adidas skateboarding tx tee

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condition: 10/10

colour: black

size: L

rodrigo tx image/graphic

adidas skateboardings most popular shoes are all influenced from previous shoes built for different sports. an example of this would be dennis busenitz’s first pro model. this shoe heavily drew inspiration  from the copa mundial football design and was revamped for skating. adidas have a strong range of pre existing and brand new, durable and high performance skate shoes.

founded: 1989

team: mark gonzales, dennis busenitz, silas baxter-neal, lucas puig, rodrigo tx, daewon song, marc johnson, benny fairfax, nestor judkins, mark suciu, jake donnelly, alec majerus, na-kel smith, miles silvas, chewy cannon, klaus bohms, raul navarro, gines ozdogan, dennis durrant, kevin lowry, gustav tonnesen, blondey mccoy, tyshawn jones, jack fardell, magnus bordewick, nora vasconcellos and frankie spears

notable videos: away days