independent trucks indy tee
independent trucks indy tee

independent trucks indy tee

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condition: 8/10

colour: black

size: S

independent trucks indy logo (half glitter)

in the early days of independent trucks founder fausto vitello would walk over to guys at skate competitions handing them a set of indy trucks with a hundred dollar bill rolled up in them. this is how skaters were originally invited onto the indy team. a few years later fausto went on to start thrasher magazine as a better way to promote independent trucks.

founders: fausto vitello, richard novak, jay shiurman and eric swenson

founded: 1978

team: chris joslin, clive dixon, chrus roberts, ryan sheckler, tyler pacheco, greg lutzka, chris haslam, andrew reynolds, braydon szafranski, fred gall, david gravette, dabid gonzalez, matt miller, luan oliviera, evan smith, ben raybourn, shawn hale, brian anderson, lance mountain, dan drehobl, christian hosoi, dustin dollin, aaron homoki, john cardiel, louie lopez, curren caples, corey glick, chris russel, jagger eaton, lizzie armanto, anthony van engelen and many many more

notable videos: independent trucks 30th anniversary tour and scabs for slabs