supreme dollar tee
supreme dollar tee
supreme dollar tee

supreme dollar tee

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the first of supremes 12 stores was located on lafayette street in manhattan and was designed with skaters in mind. by arranging all of the clothes around the outside of the store, this left a large central space for skaters with backpacks to skate into the store and just feel comfortable. supreme was the first streetwear brand to be valued at $1 billion. another reason for its popularity is the exclusivity and uniqueness of the items it releases with some selling out in less than a couple seconds.

founder: james jebbia

founded: 1994

team: nakel smith, tyshawn jones, kevin bradley, sage elsesser, makr gonzales, ben kadow, aiden mackey, sean pablo, kevin rodriguez, jason dill, vincent touzery, rowan zorilla and kader sylla

past skaters: dylan rieder, ryan hickey, justin pierce, gio estevez, peter bici, chris keeffe and mike hernandez

notable videos: cherry, candyland and blessed